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giselacherry.com and video are a collaborative project of Win Cowgill (Rutgers Cooperative Extension), Lynn Long (Oregon State University), Jon Clements (UMass Extension) and Greg Lang (Michigan State University; and Gisela, Inc.

NEW! Download Cherry Training Systems (Lynn Long, Gregory Lang, Stefano Musacchi, and Matthew Whiting) here. Now available as a tablet (iOS and Android) app too.

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Worldwide Choice - Gisela® Rootstocks

  • Virus tolerant

  • Precocious, Productive and Very Hardy

  • Wide Soil Adaptability

Cherries grown on Gisela® dwarfing rootstocks are highly precocious, highly productive, and highly profitable! But, growing cherries on Gisela successfully requires attention to detail and specific horticultural skills. The goal of this website is to help you succeed in growing an orchard of cherry trees on Gisela rootstocks.